Addition, Gazebo and New Construction

         Planning part of an addition, takes much longer than the actual construction time. Once you know

         what kind of addition you would prefer, a plan needs to be drawn. Then, the Zoning Department

          will tell you about the set back CODES within your area and other exterior issues such as: window, doors, 

         roofline, eves, etc...

         As soon as the Building Department agrees to the plans, a rough estimate can be established.

        PALME-STUMPE  Remodel provides Graphics plans for new additions and has completed several addition

        projects, over the past 15 years.

     Room Addition 




























    Mud Addition Special:

          Can Be used for: Hot water heater, tool storage, washer/dryer, work

          shoe, rain's coat's, shelves, etc...

                                                                    Our price for a 120sq ft addition as low as $ 4,950.00

                                                                           All built according to Local Building Codes

          Incl: All labor & materials  for a structure on concrete footing w/ 2x6 Walls, T11 Siding, Roll Roofing

                                                                          Sub floor, 2 doors & 2 Windows & Drywall finish.

        Extra charge for: Painting, Flooring, Electric, Plumbing, Permits Fees, & Plan Submission.




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