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Our motto, "From  virtual concept to completion", is exactly what we do, and had never failed us!

Call us for free an estimate, I will personally come to your house and listen to your remodeling ideas, give you a brief home inspection, and explain any concerns I might have - for no charge!

My crew and I will look for a perfect solution of design, engineering, and affordability. In addition, we will provide you with a plan and cost options. Once hired, I will be working with the crew and overseeing the project every day until your home remodeling project is complete.

To guarantee the best results for any remodel project, mutual respect and trust are necessary between the homeowners and the construction crew. We guarantee our clients quality craftsmanship and respect.

Please feel free to explore our web site, and get an estimated idea of costs and what we can do for you. For further information, you can call us at 1-800-291-1967. Dial ext. 1,  if you wish to speak to a operator.

Thank you for your time.

We are also offering printing & drafting services. Do you want face to face printing services and plans drawing for you new project city permit ? we have the tools for it




* Brigitte & Jens

"Norbert left me a nice message a few days ago thanking me for getting him a job at the neighbor's house. However, I think he got himself the job since we were satisfied customers and he did a very professional job on our deck. He wanted to buy us dinner, but we could never accept that. He doesn't owe us a thing! We can help each other out and we're happy to do it. 

Please tell Norbert thanks from us. And, I have something else I'd like to ask him about, so hopefully I'll bump into him again in the next week. 


*Susan & Dante

Norbert, We're in there!    As I expected, you got rave reviews from the people I called on your reference list. And Dante and I really like your style, methods and price. How refreshing to find a contractor who doesn't put down an old house with so many "custom" issues.  


To the painter: "Norbert is MY contractor.." 





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